Are A levels results becoming a joke?

Question:Everybody seemes to pass, same applies to sats in year 2 and year 6!! I thought to get a pass you needed at least half of the answers right well not at all, even if you get 10/30 you get a pass which is a joke!!

Absolutely. If there is no dumbing down of exams then why do the O level maths texts books I have from 20 years ago (yes, I know I'm sad - I collect maths texts books) have subjects in them that now only appear in GCSE A level books? So some of the stuff we learnt at O level is now regarded as A level material? Surely that implies exams from years ago were harder than they are now.
Everyone is a genius these days !
Not "becoming a joke" Goldfish - you mean have been a joke for some time now.
They are clearly not worth the paper they are written on if they don't distinguish the wheat from the chaff!
Anyone seems able to get one - and Grade As' are 10 a penny.
Degrees at University are going the same way now too! Employers are now asking for candidates only from top 10 or top 20 rated Universities. Says it all really.
I gave up teaching maths a few years back , as I just couldn't stomach it any longer...O tempores
The whole education system has been dumbed down beyond belief now. When I was at school, it was only the very, very bright ones that went onto University, the exams were really quite hard to pass.

I saw the 'writing on the wall' a few years ago, when my son was participating in his school's sports day, he was always really good at sport and won a lot of the activities. I was really surprised when he wasn't awarded any kind of medal or cup and when I asked why, I was told that they didn't do that anymore as there were no 'winners or losers', everybody was equal. I truly believe this is why everybody seems to be passing everything today and it is silly. I work in a major company and you should see the letters that so called 'graduate's send to accompany their CV's when applying for jobs, the spelling and grammer is just so appalling and they expect to come out of college and earn £30,000!!!! Enough is enough we need to toughen up the system to weed out the 'men from the boys'.

Mild rant over now xx
Not to the young people who have sweated for two years.
Headline statistics can be misleading: high percentage pass rates are more about schools being smarter in whom they enter - league ables make it imperative to the school that they have a high pass rate. Most young people, about 60% I think, still do not get any A levels. As for SATs, they were never intended as pass/fail. It was always intended that the majority of children would develop the necesary skills being tested.
We have heard Govt rant for years about improving the standards of our education system, yet here we are one lot cry foul, the exams are easier and the others say it is a reflecftion of higher teaching standards and more intelligent students. IF, we have improved standards of teaching then the results will improve. The way subjects are taught nowadays is more student friendly with computers and the internet making research and revision so much easier.
I agree with the NUS on this, SOD the lots of em, you just go out and celebrate your 2 years of hard work...WELL DONE.

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