Adem and eve?

Question:if adem and eve had 2 SON's like the bible says, where did the rest of the us come from?

Omg it's like AdAm! And like I just don't know!
They had another son Seth & daughters too
There were other sons but only 3 were named
Its in Genesis if you look
(chapter 5)
From other people.
Try to understand in letter and spirit.
Like all stories this is a never ending story.
Listen and enjoy.Science and religion dont mix like whiskey and soda.As long as you dont take swords and guns to prove you are right your question is ok.It is religious belief of some.Most dont believe it.Darwin and other scientists believe in evolution theory.Hindus believe God has made every individual.
At least I don't bother about past.I am worried of present and future.
Hebrew Bible Genealogy from Adam to David v • d • e
Creation to Flood Adam Seth Enos Kenan Mahalalel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech Noah Shem
Origin of the Patriarchs Arpachshad Shelah Eber Peleg Reu Serug Nahor Terah Abraham Isaac Jacob
Nationhood to Kingship Judah Pharez Hezron Ram/Aram Amminadab Nahshon Salmon Boaz Obed Jesse David
Our limited intellect is insufficient to understand the holy scriptures without guidance of competent persons, and commitment to know HIM.

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