1 year of art for high school...?

Question:Where i live you need atleast 1 year of some kind of art class to get to college.

This summer i took the first semester session of Photography, i couldn't complete the second session due to a family emergency.

And it will be my senior year and if i fail the second semester, i think im screwed.

Is there something other I can do other than taking the second semseter. Since i already took the first semester of photography, can i take the first semester of art drawing or something and that equals 1 year of art. Or does the 1 year of art have to be the same class...

Only your own school can give you the requirements for graduation and a list of courses available. Ask at your school, not here.

By the way, why are you worried about failing the second semester of photography? Do your best and you will pass. Don't doubt yourself, be positive.


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