Are 5 As at higher as good as 3 As at A-level?

Question:I am confused as I live in Scotland but when I leave school I want to go to an English University. However, to get in I would need AAB at A-level, but since I can't do them because I don't live in England I need AAB at advanced higher in the same subjects. I feel that this is unfair as advanced highers are far harder than A levels and they have to be completed over 1 year. When I asked about highers I was told that even if I got 5 As it would not be enough, but I always thought that 5 As at higher was equivalent to 3 As at A-level, since although they are not as hard, you have to do more and complete them over 1 year instead of 2.

I'd think that they're equivalent, but the decision lies with the Admissions Board of the University you wish to attend.
I'm sure that they take the difference into account when making you an offer.
An AS is half of an A-Level.

3 AS Levels are equivalent to 1 and a half A Level.

If you need AAB at A Level, you need to do 6 A Levels.

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