A-Level Spanish?

Question:I'm thinking of taking A-Leavel Spanish is it a really hard subject to take?
i have never done spanish befor. the thing is i can't normally do languages but i would really like to do spanish any advise?

No way girl spanish is so easy!! Somethings remind you of english for example: Car:Carro Library:libreria "Plus i think that if u put ur mind to it u can definetly do it!
Any foreign language you take is going to require you to study!! It is literally "learning a whole new language". I have taken many levels of spanish and when you start out you will think what your instructor is telling you to do or say sounds stupid. But remember you must take baby steps before you can walk, and walk before you can run. If you set your mind to it, it won't be "hard". It will be challenging. But if you start from the lowest level it shouldn't be above your learning level as long as you study!! Buenas suerte (good luck)!!

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