8th grade?

Question:People who have been in 8th grade answer this question. What's it like? I am really excited but I want to know what other people thought about it so give me some feedback!

8th is the second most funn grade in ur education. u basically rule middle schoool. it is the best time because all the incoming 6th graders look up to you. but u make it as funn as you want
It sucked. It really sucked. For me, at least. This is the year of serious dates, dances, and backstabbing. Maybe even a kiss or too. Heartbreak is sure to come.
Well - at our school it was fairly easy and the teachers were a lot of fun. Just pay attention and get along. It'll be great!
its probally some of the harder classes. I took algebra 1, And earth science. Both were hard. But dont worry. Just look over the notes every night and you'll have no problem. Just remember your still some of the youngest kids at the school. So dont worry what the upper class say. They're just older and hey wat do they know? Just stay with your friends and study nightly!

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