America school?

Question:I'm a foreigner, I'd never been study in America before.
This sesmeter I'm going to 10th grade in the public school.
I totally have no idea about the school in here, can anybody describe the school life slightly for me?

Look, it really depends on what kind of a school are going getting into. Is it a school that stressess academic performance, or they just don't care? Do you care wether you get into a good college or not? Do you want to be majoring in a sport so you can be in a professional team? That's the first thing you need to ask yourself.

I think if you are going into 10th grade you might have to take the standardlized high school test. Check on that.

Generally if you go to a public school that does not stress studying, it's pretty good. Do your homework, study a bit, and go play. It's not tough. Generally, it's less tough than your school. There is more chatter in class and a lot of times a class go by without you ever learning anything.

Now that changes if you are a stereotypical Asian who need to go to Harvard. This is a time you really want to get your grades up so when you prep for psat that you going to take that year, you will have no problems. Then quickly junior year you take the SAT and ACT. This time is also the time you start introducing yourself to AP and IB classes. A lot of things are different from state to state, and many requirements are different. So make sure you tell the counsolar what you want. Tell them if you want to go to certain college and ask them what you need.

Just have a open mind when you go in. There is going to be kids 2 years older than you and there is people younger than you and it's going to be a big mix. Don't be intimidated. It's going to be fun cause most of the teachers doesn't want to bored themselves with teaching and they want everyone to talk. Also make sure to have some fun while you can. Make some friends.

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