25 too late to live on university campus and attend classes?

Question:would i fit in with the other students?

Just don't tell anyone how old you are! If you want to "pass" as a traditional age college student, you are near enough to the usual age of college students that they won't know the difference. Also, you will find students far older than you attending university. Many universities have freshman residence halls; I wouln't recommend that you pick that as your housing unless you want to participate in the usual freshman antics. The university I worked at has housing reserved for students who are older (21+) or married - you could move in that kind of housing if that is your preference.

Years ago a young lady about 35 years old came to my office (registrar's office) and was worrying about how she would "fit in" if she were to go to college. "Just think," she said, "If I enroll, I will be almost 40 when I finish."

"And how old will you be in four or five years if you don't go to college?" I asked.

She enrolled, made top grades and many friends and graduated with high honors. She had several job offers and took the one offered to her by our college, which offered to pay her tuition for her master's degree! Now, some ten years later she has her M.A. and is still working for the college, where she is considered a real asset.

U of Akron, you can be in your 40's w/ a criminal past and live in the same dorm room of a 19 yr old, or you could be in your 40's and in=between a job. Fun, cheap living, I guess. Fit in? I don't know, some schools have housing for non-traditional age students, that might be your best route
I'm 29, and I'm fitting in OK. My roommate is 26, and loving it. Admittedly, I start to feel a little old when other folks start talking about the day this or that song or movie came out, and how they loved it back in grade school... I dunno how the dating scene around here is going to work out for us either.
This past year an 70-80 year old guy graduated from Ohio State. He lived in a dorm on campus.
No, you probably won't even be the oldest person there.
I agree with Serendipity. 25 is close enough to the traditional college age that you will look just like everyone else. I think it's great and that you'll have a lot of fun. Depending on the dorm-type, you'll also save a lot of money!
Not to late, have fun

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