Is the online candian pharmacy reliable?

coz it has be sending me a lot of e mail

Answers:    Be careful, nearby are many sites that will merely take your money and any send you nought or fake meds.

Here is how I desire if an on-line site is legit, it must have

1/ Guarantee on product competence (Country FDA approval)
2/ Guarantee on product delivery
3/ full screening of products
4/ Honest answers (FAQ's, product descriptions)
5/ details on each product's side effects (shows that they are not trying to vend you a product that might not be right for you)
6/ a real street address
7/ 800 number and on-line chat for question
8/ a site that does not try and disguise itself as an information site when it is really just a sale site

and then I also want realistically low prices is the pharmacy that I own used and trust
Welcome to spam city. Unless their website has a Canadian address you can verify, it may not even be within Canada.

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