Apology! Forgive me?

Question:I just posted a question about using the correct spelling and grammar when posting questions only to receive a telling off myself. I apologise for the foul language, the wrong spelling of the word 'using' even though I used the spell checker myself (honestly!) and for getting annoyed in the first place.
If shortening words and phrases works for you then crack on by all means, but I can't help wishing everyone would write things out the long way. It's only because it takes me so long to translate it all and I like the way a properly written piece of text looks. Listen to me, I sound like my dad!! Lv u ddy!

You have a point, there is space here to write things out fully, and also time to make sure its legible. Sorry for the correction but i couldn't help myself. Have a good one and take care
It's okay.
Yeah, I forgive you. Was that your question
apology accepted x
I'm pretty sure you're violating the terms here...where is the QUESTION?
It's bugged me for a long time too.My 5th grade english teacher would be shuddering in her grave at what is considered "Normal" on the internet.Most web surfers are in the under 20 crowd and can't be bothered with things like proper grammer or spelling to get their point across.If you were writting a book,the editor wouldn't tolerate it.
I have actually thought about posting a question about proper grammAr and spelling myself. It isn't the abbreviations that bother me because I understand that it takes less time to type that way, but it really bothers me when people answer other people's questions and have so many spelling mistakes that I can barely tell what they are saying! I just wanted you to know that you're not the only person who gets annoyed by this! Everyone is just different and not everyone appreciates writing things properly like we do! Try not to let it get to you too much! :)
I forgive you. We are all human after all. X
You question is very clear - "Forgive Me?"

Of course I will, just be more careful in future.
Don't worry about it is forgotten I am always making mistakes.
You might like to learn about paragraphs as well.

Few people are interested in reading a thick block of text. You're at the limit with your explanation... any thicker and I would have gotten angry and not read the question.
I read your other question and I see you got your butt well and truly kicked! Well done those people. You shouldn't have a go at people for doing something simply because you don't like it. I get annoyed at the very same thing but I've learned to live with it - so should you. Come on woman, have a laugh and pretend not to notice that half of the questions look like a spider's taken a walk across the screen. I forgive you on behalf of the people you offended because I'm sure they've done the same thing to someone else. Sleep tight sshhhh.
i forgive !!!!!!!
You take it all too seriously. Frankly when this bottle is empty and the last of my Afghan is in the ashtray, I wont remember a thing on YA. Be good1
It takes quite an unimaginative sort of person to only find one way to spell a word
I see you are the only one caring, so that's good.

There are 99million misspellings on here including myself a day..
Thanks for apologizing. You've redeemed my faith in human nature.

"apologise" and apology accepted :)
i dnt read your first question but i forgive you

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