Anyone have a really good vocabulary? Or a website with lots of big words...?

Question:I'm putting together a P.U.D. (it's a composition of big words that I want to keep handy when I writing). I have some pretty good words like "anhialate" and "comprehension" and "rasp". Got any good long/impressive words for me to use? Or maybe you know of a website with a dictionary/word bank...
I need atleast 100 words, and I'm putting them into catagories like "taste" and "emotions" and "actions" etc.

I guess you can go to and also has a "word of the day" thing.
cool look in the dictonary duh
well you should try websters and um words like "indignation" "articulation" and "misinterperate" are good words!
First. spell it right: annihilate

Then, get a Roger's Thesaurus. Look up the simple word that you're familiar with. The thesaurus will give you other words that are similies - about the same. Then, take your impressive word and look it up in a dictionary to make sure it's conveying the right "flavor" of what you want to say.

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