A question about High School...?

Question:Is it really bad as they show on TV?
Just curious o__O

No. They just do that with shows so people will watch. You will be fine!
Nah, High school is nothing. Don't even worry about it.
No way. Sometimes its full of drama and complications, but its not as bad as what they show on TV... I just graduated.
No, high school is not bad at all.. and it's ridiculously easy!
High School is what you make of it, if you want it to be bad it will be but if you want it to be fun it ill be.
today was my first day of 9th grade. i thought everyone would try to pick on me and beat me up and make fun of me and shove me around and i would get lost and other bad things. but today was actually pretty good. i made a ton of new friends and it was soo fun ! good luck

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