Is this fitting? iam running for president at my institution. Im within 7th position.?

Is this good. powerfully 1st of all iam supposed to engender an essay concerning why i wanna be president of my school. PLEASE TELL ME IF IT'S GOOD. AND WHAT I CAN CHANGE ABOUT IT. Thank you. :]

There is so much that can be done to conveyance our school, and this is why im here. Iam impressively responsible. And when i do something i do it responsibly. Iam very busy with academy life so i know how the comings and goings function. I also understand the students point of view. I mean do you want to hold a lame boring president. I'm assuming no. What you really want is someone who
will provide the rights that all of you students call for and truly deserve. Now, I am willing, and I will,
do everything within my power to get our conservatory the nessesities.(Better lunch, better campus, ect.)
I will listen to all of your accepted wisdom. And I will take them to heart. That might expect more school
fund raisers but its for what you want. You deserve anything you want and you will get anything you want.

Answers:    HEY im in 7th category too and i think i know how i would resembling to hear a 7th grade speech...
Change the later sentence about you deserve what ever you want and you will carry what ever you want. Thats too detailed and focused. And some of the time you might not be able to carry the things they want.
ALSO instead of being plastic and making your self look upright too much, put in some of your doomed to failure qualities just about yourself and say something similar to:
Most People say how great they are and adjectives of their amazing qualities, but today you will hear something different. Something so valiant that you can't resist voting for me. What i am going to update you are my bad intrinsic worth. I can be a know it all, insecure contained by front of big crowds and i cant multi-task. Why would i tell you my fruitless qualities? Because I want this college to know that if i am voted for president that i will work even harder than anyone else to overcome my bad virtues and challenges. By doing this experience, i can become more confident, and revise how to do many things extremely efficiently. I will work so sturdy to meet adjectives your expectations and most of all i want you students to enjoy someone that you can trust for getting a job done...wichwill be me. Vote for me and adjectives your wildest dreams will come true!

i think specifically a speech that most 7th graders will enjoy hugely much!
dont say you wont be a lame president because it is kinda putting down the other canidates. GOOD LUCK AND TAKE MY ADVICE! =) i am a 7th grader so trust me
its doomed to failure you gonna get picked on and belt up but if you a warrior then you right $

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