Am i the only one?

Question:okay sooo at our school, it is retarded. we have soooo many ruels. the one i hate most is called PDA, which stands for Personal Display of Affections. im sure many fo you know that means shwoing ur partner love, lol. so yea is my school the only one who has that rule?? that if u get caught with ur partner, they yell "PDA" and you get in trouble and are forced to break up with them?

anyone else have this rule, or similar to it? and i fo, have you ever been caught?

dang dats dumb...dey hav dat at my skool 2...da only thing you can do is hold hands in the hallway but if ure seen doin anything else u get a detention..nd dis demerit thingy dat dey jus made up dis year...
Most schools have it. I know its stupid, but bear with it. Life is usually like this. Everyone has to deal with this at a point. And so do I. Bear with everyone.
OK that's really really thick! Like I understand why school say no to sex and all, but like holding hands and all? What harm does that do! Thank God my school's not like that!!
a lot of the schools day nows has it. but my school dont really care.
yep. and at my school it's actually funny. if a staff member catches you holding hands, hugging, or anything like that, you get detention, along with having it announced on the intercom the next day. i have seen it happen, so i abide by this rule.

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