Any comments on university of Swinburne Australia,on quality of teaching?


Swinburne Uni of Technology historically started as a training college and got the university status in early 1990. B'cos of the history, the courses tend to be highly practical. The campus is small, but nice, only abt 7km from city centre and easily accessible by public transports.

Swinburne is one of only 43 universities in Australia, all of them are fully accredited and tightly regulated, therefore the quality and recognition of their graduates are equal from wherever university you are studying from. Therefore in regards to your chance of getting a job is as good as the other graduates from another uni. The most important things that Australian employer are looking at is your results and what other activities that you have done in uni (eg. president of student association).

I used to be a student in Swinburne and I like most of the teaching staff there since they are very approachable. All of them list the time that they are available for out-of-class consultation and they are willing to help (provided that we have tried it or have read the material).

Hope this helps. Good luck on your study and welcome to Melbourne :)

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