About cisco certifcations?

Question:iwantto join and learn networking courses like ccna ,mcse , ccnp courses which is better karrox or gates training or excel technology or ip solution cisco certified?

i heard the gates training fees is costly.do they provide placements and are the faculty experienced and trained ?

plz help me as iam about to join

I'd invest in English compensation courses if I were you.
I'd suggest you check out programs in your local high schools. Cisco offers FREE programs through many of the school systems. They are churning out IP trained kids like crazy. In fact, there are so many now, that the demand has really dropped. Finding a job may be a little difficult.
Cisco is better and more widely recognized for its difficulty. It's more difficult than it used to be, though, as they bumped up the passing threshold from 75 to 85 (I believe) 5 years ago.
I attended CED solutions to get my CISCO certification. The staff is very well trained and professional. They do not provide any placement
This link will answer all Gates questions. http://www.gatestraining.com/faqs.aspx...
Yes the instructors are experienced and trained. Yes, it's expensive. Over 2000 a week plus exam costs, plus housing/meals etc. And no, they do not place you or get you a job.

If you have access to the systems, it's much cheaper to order the study materials diectly and study on your own. Then pay for your exams. My husband took an entry level job at a place with Microsoft and Cisco systems, and then worked himself up slowly through all his certifications this way. By "playing" on the systems at lunch and after hours using his study materials he was able to get most of what he needed. For the more advanced practice he was able to get some old PCs cheap and set up his own network at home to study. In the long run, we figure it saved us about to $20,000 to do it this way and he was able to finish them all in about a year while still working.

MCSE is more widely known and used, so easier to get hired. But CCNP and CCNA usually pay a little more because less people have experience with it.

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