Apology letter?

Question:how do i write an apology letter without blaming myself?

really that's the best way to apologize - make it look like your mistake. however since you did NOT want to go that route do this.

when it's your error you say "I'm sorry."

When it's not your error and circumstances you could not control say "I regret."
If you didn't do something, why are you apologizing for it? If you did do something, why are you trying to pretend that you didn't?
"Dear person,

I am aware that the other day one of my dogs was found on your lawn, pooping. I understand that made an ugly brown spot on the lawn.

I became aware of this later in the week. I am offering you $10 to pay for sod or grass seed to fix the spotted area. I am sorry that this happened to you, and hope such a difficulty will not happen to your lawn again.

Yours sincerely,

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