[SLE][CC][BV][BPK][PH][pr... ??

Question:Recently people have started using these..
Anyone care to tell me what they mean?

Looks like gibberish to me.
Hav'nt the foggiest.
Frankly, the acronyms are becoming ridiculous and I'm beginning to feel lost in most conversations. I stopped texting because of the language that is used. Nokia, please introduce a decipher system into your phones. I feel like Ian Flemming and his crones during the war. The names Woody, Clueless Woody
brb - be right bk
rofl - roll over f*ucking laughting
lmao - laught my *** off
lmfao - laught my f*ucking *** off
but not sure about the others sorry
type in urban dictionary into google.

to the above - ROFL = rolling on floor laughing - no swearing there

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