Could you prove read this paragraph?

Provide a brief statement or summary of your plans as they relate to your educational and job objectives and your long-term goals.

College nurture will be my first step to pursuing a career contained by nursing. I am strongly interested in hands-on and humanitarian work. I hope to specialize within medical-surgical nursing and provide short-term and long-term care to adjectives kinds of patients. After I own work experiences, I will open myself to sundry volunteer opportunities, such as Peace Corpse or Doctors Without Boarders projects.

This wishes to be well written, but I am my precincts here. Any advice?

Answers:    Obtaining a college nurture will be my first step in pursuing a work in nursing. I am strongly interested within hands-on and humanitarian work. I hope to specialize in medical-surgical nursing and provide short-tern and long-term prudence to all kind of patients. After I have gain vital work experience, I would close to to volunteer for a variety of projects and organization such as the Peace Corps and Doctors Without Borders.

(hope you can use some of my suggestions)
this is excellent but if you think that you should use a better choice of words,you should look contained by the thesaurus or dictionary.and you should check spelling, Peace Corps.

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