~~~People say I'm shy??~~~?

Question:Every year at school somebody will say that I'm shy. I don't get why. I guess I don't talk much to people, and I don't talk tons in class. My personality is kind of introverted. What's wrong with that? Sometimes I just like listening to others and what they're talking about. It's annoying though, because people talk to me and they're like, "Why are you so quiet?" and I'm like "Idk..." !!! I guess I'm not always sure what to say to people. *Awkward silence* lol I don't really LOVE school right now either. I'm a Sophomore and I just go to school, and I don't care about being popular and stuff. My old friends left me to be popular. I just don't know what to do. I'm a nice and smart person. Isn't that enough? What...do I have to go off and be some popular cliqueish girl who acts loud and obnoxious in class? People just say I'm shy and teachers will be like "I was shy like you once." I'll be like...okay...Well...I'm me. What am I supposed to do? Does anybody understand my feelings?

I would not be surprised if you don't live in the country one day with lots of pets and live happily. Actually it is nice to be around someone who is kind of quiet and shy instead of loud and showoffs. The difference is like comparing Gold(quiet) to Copper or brass(loud). So enjoy being nice your self -and a quiet person-most of your friendships will be lasting ones. After all my best friends are my pets-3 dogs and two cats- even the deer come up close in my yard and stand and watch me they don't bother me. They like eating the acorns that fall off the oaks. Sometimes i see 12-14 they bring their babies to see me! I like tranquility Sometimes you learn more just by listening! More then likely these people envy you! You will learn how to enjoy the simple things in life! I bet you will even enjoy rivers-water falls-listening to the rain fall on the roof-wind chimes-birds singing in the morning-a roister crowing in the distance-night sounds frog croaking-crickets whippoorwills You will be the one who takes their time to smell the Roses.
Oh my gosh i know exactly how you feel! many people ask me why are you so shy why don't you ever talk. even once this guy (who is extremely loud in all of his classes) said that hes never head me talk since the 3rd grade. I'm not that quiet. my Friends are not quiet. but i do like to just listen to people.
i kno exactly wat u mean. im the same way. but then wen i get around my friends (like its just us) im more relaxed and im "cooler" as they say. hah? idk wat they mean. i ges im considered shy, b/c im quiet. I think im quiet cuz im afraid of wat ppl are gonna say if i say something, and i think im afraid cuz i was always picked on wen i was little. but the ironic thing is, i was picked on b/c i was shy! but im different from u b/c i dont care that im shy. yea i just said im shy cuz im afriad, but i think its just become who i am. but like i said, im ok with who i am, even if that means being shy. some ppl are just rly comfortable being loud and obnoxious, all the time. and if that makes them cool, i dont wanna b cool. id end up getting on my own nerves. lol. u asked wat r u suposed to do? well, if being shy bothers u that much, try realizing that everyone at this age is "shy" and self concious of wat ppl think of them. relax! remember, years from now, ur never gonna c these ppl again. try to realize that if ur shy, there not gonna give u a chance, cuz they dont kno wat to give a chance. kno wat i mean?? and as for if anyone understands ur feelings, totally! some of the nicest ppl i kno are shy, just like me. and im friends with rly obnoxiously loud ppl, and there cool too! everyones different, but i guarentee ur not alone on the shy boat! i hope i helped u out! ♥

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