Any advice for anything for a 7th grade girl?

i like this question. I'm going into 8th grade this year. here is everything i know:
-this is going to be your best year in middle school(most likely)
-they say that grades don't matter as much as in 8th- thats a lie, grades do matter. Keep those grades up, always.
-get involved in activites at school this year. activites help make lots of friends.
-stay focused. Boyfriends make you unfocused. I'm not saying, don't have a boyfriend, but just remember that other people influence you on how well you perform in school. Chose the right people who are going to influence you in a good way.
-become friends with the teachers. think of your teacher has a good friend. if the teacher knows you well, they will grade your work with your personality in mind. for example, like when an english teacher grades your personal essay.
-Study! if you don't study, you will not do good on tests. remember tests are at least 40% of your grade.
-Do your homework!! More then likely, if you do your homework, you will not fail.
-become organized!! some teachers grade you on your neatness of your binders and if your prepared for class.
-have the time of your life. your only in 7th grade once. try not to stress. live everyday to the fullest and just be yourself.
have an amazing year! best wishes.

<333 nicole lena
enjoy your time at school but make sure you get your school work done. If you need help ask for it. It's not cool to be stupid.
Don't act stupid to look cool infront of friends. Because why ruin your future for the sake of looking hip!!
Good luck and have fun!
P.S. The boys they can wait worry about school first.
Yes, sure. 7th grade is a great time to start deciding what you want to be when you grow up. Now, I don't say you should decide what to major in in college or which college to go to. But you can make a start by trying to figure out what you are good at like - like math or creative writing, maybe, and also figure out what you like - like say, art or acting or again, math...
You can also take up some new hobbies - something creative - maybe like painting or sculpture or craft - or an informative hobby - like birdwatching, or collecting stamps. Maybe start reading a few nice books if you aren't already into them. You know, get a membership at your town's library.
Maybe you can also take a few resolutions about how you are gonna get through your teens - a resolution to be nice to your friends or your parents, maybe. Or you can resolve to be in the top 5 of your class. Or just resolve to think one beautiful thought every day - first thing in the morning.

There are lots of things a 7 th grader can do to make her life great :-)

All the Best

Psst. There is a book called 'Seven Habits for Highly Effective Teens'. Maybe you could find a copy. It's great.
This may seem weird, a guy giving advice..., but,
This is basic advice for all middle-school kids. (Now i'm a freshman in high school)
Kick back and relax as much as you can. enjoy life while you can. hang out. go see movies. do everything you want to. because when you're in high school, it's tests, sports, AP classes, and SATs.

enjoy life while you can.

but don't forget school work.

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