Advice on AP classes? pleaseee give me ur input!?

Question:well im a junior, and school starts in about a week. I'm going to take AP bio and AP US history. I know that these classes are college-level classes, so they're going to be challenging and need a lot of work. But other than that, i wanted advice from experienced students who took AP classes, especially these two classes.any advice on how to keep my GPA high...the most thing i'm afraid of is that they;ll lower my GPA...i'm just really nervous because of what i've hear and stuff, there's such a big hype about them that just keeps worrying any good advice on how to stay focused and what could help me understand hard topis/what to do, etc??

If you would like to prepare for the APs, check out the free ap articles:
I took both of those my junior year.
US history is a lot of work. Do your reading and don't get behind.

Bio involves a lot of studying. Do it. Ask questions. Take good notes, notes are much easier to study and learn than any textbook.

Don't worry too much about your GPA. Most schools weigh AP classes. At my school, they are weighted 1.17 .

And good luck :)

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