A level subjects?

Question:I will be starting college on the 27th of september My enrolment is the 5th and this is when I have to give the names of the subjects I want to take. I want to do Law Media studies English Lit and Sociology. The last time I talked to the lecturers at the college about it they said I had picked a good variety which would get ,e in to alot of different things when I leave, but im not so sure do you think it's wise to chose these subjects, I talked about changing yhem with my parents but they said I should stick to it as they are subjects I will enjoy (english lit was one of my fave subjects at school).

You have to say at the start the subjects you want to graduate in? That's odd! Anyway, English is good if you like it; Law & Sociology go together, for Criminal Justice-type work, and Media Studies would tie in if you want to be a journalist or writer of some type. So, they do hang together pretty well!

It's up to you, though. You decide.
I'm not too sure how it works in the UK (as I am in New Zealand), but I know someone who left their options too wide. You need to narrow your options down if you know what you want to do, or what general field you want to get into. Ask your school to get you a copy of the subjects you need for each of the courses you can take.

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