American Born Indian going to India for the first time - submitted by Raja Sohaib Akhtar?

Question:I am a 24 year old American born muslim Indian who is planning to visit India (Bombay...Bollywood) for the first time. I have been invited to take part in a Bollywood movie in a side role. Currently I am an engineering student at UNC and am wondering if I should persue my engineering career or try my luck at acting. I enjoy acting but my parents are totally against my move. My dad being an Indian himself is somewhat supportive but my American mom is scared of sending me to Bombay. Any suggestions from my Indian friends..also since I'm a muslim is it safe there for me? Thanks - Raja Sohaib Akhtar

Dear Raja Sohaib Akhtar, I am also an ABCD. I have lived all my life in the USA and I can understand your hesitation in travelling to India. In short its not a scary place just be careful and don't be too trusting of people over there since I had some bad experiences. Regarding trying out the acting world...just go where your heart takes you. Hope this helps.
Dear Raja, i m an indian girl. I live near delhi. Though i've never been to Bombay but as i've been living in india since birth so i can tell u honestly that there is nothing to worry to come here. As Bombay is very populated area n majority of ppl r poor so u just need to be aware from them so that they can't make u fool n rob u, that's it. I wud like to suggest u to try ur luck in Bollywood cuz if u wud be able to make it than there is a lot of money in this business. As u r already graduate than job option will always be there even if u don't do well in movies, OKAY :-) So don't worry n move ahead. Good luck
Dear Raja, seems like you have a good plan. Don't sweat you will be fine!

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