Adults in contact with children, would you please educate on this subject?

Question:My parents did not even know about politics, something about their religious beliefs. It is extremely important that our children be educated about politics at the earliest age. Teachers, parents and all will you consider this for your children? Please, teach your child to write letters by sending letters to government officials and let the child tell what is on their mind that the government can control. Do you not think this is truly a NEED today? Would you please help our children? The thought also is to let the child think and tell HIS/HER thoughts and NOT THE ADULT's THOUGHTS.

i agree with you that it is important but not at a very young age. i think middle school and high school is good unless your child has a really good idea. the only thing i would tell my kid at even a age of like 5 is that the president doesn't have all the power there are other people working with him all over the world. i wouldn't really get to far into it because at that age it doesn't matter and i would just keep it really simple. when they are old enough to write a letter with real thoughts and concerns and ideas then most likely they will learn how to contact them in high school.i did in 12th grade.i think i should have learned in like 10th but i learned in 12th grade social sciences class.
I agree with you there. It is very important to have our children be aware of how to contact government officials when needed. Parents and teachers alike should tell our kids that it is good to be involved with their country, and also what is on their mind too.

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