Any tenth graders..??

Question:any tenth graders excited about moving up from being the lowest of the low.i know i am..i was getting tired of being a freshman

i'm going into my sophomore year of college, and i know i'm excited not to be the new freshman anymore!! haha i know you're excited too, but once you get to college the whole situation happens all over again. at least we get to be a big bad senior twice :)
in my school 9th graders r freshmen
ahahaha omg freshman!!!! it is sooooo niiiiice FINALLY being a SENIOR!! just wait till then!
. Hhmmm, is the My Space or FaceBook site all filled up? .
And how do you think you'll feel as the college freshman, er, ...woman?
Or as the 'new guy', er, girl flipping burgers at McDonalds? The grass always seems nicer on the other side.
Try to enjoy the moment.

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