ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS on what to do for science fair?

Question:Hi, I'm in 10th grade, and I would like ideas on science fairs for my level. I prefer environmetal projects... but I'm open to ANY OTHER IDEAS as well.


Please and thank you^^

Creating the Perfect Compost
Composting can be a good way for gardeners to
reuse food scraps and yard trimmings
while making their gardens healthier.
In order to work properly, a compost
pile needs the right balance of air, moisture,
carbon, and nitrogen. Build several different
compost piles and vary the amounts of air, moisture, carbon,
and nitrogen in each (e.g., one that is very dry, one carbon-rich, and
one nitrogen-rich). For example, a carbon-rich pile would mostly contain
dead leaves or coffee grounds while a nitrogen-rich pile would
mostly contain grass clippings or fruit and vegetable peels. Make sure
you also build a “perfect” compost pile with good air circulation and a
balance of ingredients to control the experiment. What effect will differences
in the ingredients have on the finished compost?

Health effects of the ozone layer. link below

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