2 math ?s heeeelp?

Question:can u explain how to solve these

the equation of a line is 6x+2y=40. what is the slope?

and i dont really understand simplifying this

128a^4 (bc^2)^3 / 32abc

For 6x + 2y = 40, to get the slope, solve for y
6x + 2y = 40
2y = 40 - 6x
y=20 - 3x

so, y intercept = 20, slope is -3

For 128a^4 (bc^2)^3 / 32abc
[128a^4 (b^3)(c^6)] / 32abc
-cancel variables above and below the fraction, simplify the coefficients; 128 / 32 = 4; a^4 becomes a^3; b^3 becomes b^2; c^6 becomes c^5

answer is: 4(a^3)(b^2)(c^5)
i forgot how to do that

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