Any good senior pranks to tell?

Question:On the 2 to last day of school I took Ipecac(vomit inducer) and threw up all over the floor in the cafeteria, everybody was screaming and one girl even got sick too. I helped the janitor clean it up, though. It was interesting. Tell me yours?

i personally am a senior this year! =) but i remember watching a show on mtv

and i remember someone put crickets? all over the floor. Like litereally they were everywhere. I think they had to close the school early because of that. haha
That was a stupid prank. I mean really stupid. That isn't funny.
thats funny as hell

i took a dump on the floor in senior hallway with a "human shield" of my friends guarding me

people were taking pics of it on their cell phones lol
haha well i didnt do this but the senior class last year super glued all the classroom doors
our class buried a volkswagen bug in the quad.
nasty haha ewwwwww

released chickens into the school
watch high school stories on mtv... theres ton of pranks there
I let a rat loose in the cafeteria
i put icy hot on every doorhandle, stair railing, toliet seat and pretty much anythign ppl touched
everybody was grabbing their hands butt etc, good fun
We ordered 25,000 crickets and let them go on the third floor.
In High School our senior class swapped liscense plates with the principal and his (well we all figured) girlfriend who was a biology teacher. They didnt find out for weeks.
stole rode signs and set up in front of the school. it was AWESOME!
My friend anonymously called the police, several times, to report that she was sexually asullted by a teacher.
the seniors released roosters into the school , each had a paper taped that said number 1 rooster, number 3 rooster and number 4 rooster.. the school went crazy looking for number 2 but their was no number 2..lols
We released three pigs in the school. Each one had a number painted on its side. They were marked 1, 2, and 4. So they were searching the school all day, thinking that there was a 3rd pig.
I live in a small town which is also the county seat. Our graduating class of 13 hoisted an old toilet we found at the dump on top of the court house and put a big sign on it saying, YOUR COUNTY SEAT.
that's kinda funny. unfortunately my class had strict rules. if anybody pulled any pranks they were going to cancel our graduation ceremony. we could even have senior cut day! which sucked because all the classes before the class of 2006 got the chance. so, another senior, a sophomore and i just skipped class and went to it's like a hangout spot in hawaii. we ended up in a small fender bender on the way back to school but it's a memory of a lifetime. i miss high school.
well a friend of mine after he did the football teams laundry rubbed muscle rub in the players jock strap and when all the players put them on nothing was happening he started singing to the players "if your happy and you know it rub your balls" and they did and repeated it like 3 more times and the players started to complain that their wangs and family jewels were burning
I'm not a senior yet, but since I keep getting in trouble, my friend and I decided to pop all tires for our big prank.
My brother-in-law set off pack of firecrackers in a metal garbage can in the freshman hall.

It was either 11th or 12th grade, I can't remember which...
several of us toilet papered the math class through a "conveniently" unlocked window.
The FBI was called in, and they were trying to charge us with felonies...I still appreciate my principle for standing up for us!
.almost 20 years later!
Someone in my class super glued all the door locks. the janitors had to take the doors off the hinges so we could get into the rooms. there was a police investigation and an arrest.

When my mom went to my school it was a brand new building on the edge of town and there was a dairy farm neighboring the school. (I live in Wisconsin)
So as a prank the kids (my mom included) led a cow into the school and up the stairs to the top floor.
You see cows can walk up stairs but because of their size and poor balance they can't walk back down.
Mom said that the school had an small elevator but the cow was over the weight limit so the cow had to be tranquilized and carried back down the stairs

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