Areyou allowed to bring backpacks into highschool classrooms?

it depends on the school/board of education rules. i know some schools in my area say no they must be left in lockers, others say only clear or mesh backpacks..and some have no regulations at all. check with your local board of education, or the school. it's usually in the school handbook. but if you were to call the office they would be able to tell you. schools have such tight regulations these days because of all the violence in schools.
of course !
are u serious? of course at my school... how would we carry our books and materials.
how else are you to carry your books?
Every school has its own rules. You'll have to check with the school.
It all depends on the school. Some school have policies that you need to leave your backpack in your locker, and some don't care, and in that case it's up to the individual teachers. At my school we can, and most teachers don't mind as long as they aren't in the way, but in the school I went to before they didn't let us carry them around.
most schools allow backpacks, but there are a few restrictions, you'd have to check with your school. my nephews school requires mesh or see-through bags.
Some schools have rules against it because they don't have enough room to keep the backpacks out of the aisles, which is considered a hazard. It makes it a pain going back & forth to your locker. I was surprised to read here that many schools don't have such rules!

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