10 Points!! Please... I need advice, I have no idea what to do?

Question:Ok so I am starting school in about a week or so going into my sophomore year (yes, I am only fifteen) but I have a REALLY big problem. I despise my school. EVERYTHING about it. If I could go to another school right now, I would. In a heartbeat. (And my parents don't mind if I enroll in another school).

The people are just simpleminded there and I rarely come across a person that is nice to anyone. Yes, the teachers are great and I don't really get 'mistreated' where it comes to a point that it's unbearable, it's just being around them that makes it so uncomfortable.

The bigger problem is as much as I am dying to go to another school I just can't. I am involved in everything this year and I know going to a different school means that I'm not going to be apart of anything (and going to lose everything I have at my current school).

Should I give up the sports, clubs, and activities to leave this school that I completely hate and enroll in another one where I can feel at home?

if you're concerned more about having references for scholarships and all, stay at that school, it will look better. Try reaching out to some of the people there, they can't be as bad as you think, at least not every person there! If u just want to be comfortable w/o working at it, go somewhere else. No use being where you don't want to be :)
you should explain more carefully what you hate about this particular school because highschoolers tend to be pretty close minded. and also what point of clubs and activites
LOoks like you have a social problem. Read a book on how to get a long with people. Dont give up everything because chances are you are going to have the same problem because you cant socialize. I didn't like school either. My dad moved me around every 4 years. Maybe you can just try to get a girl friend instead of studying all the time then she would take care of your social life. Pick a girl that would take care of your issues with the other students. A pretty girl a popular one. BUy a book on how to put moves on a woman. at the link below. Your not going to get a job if all you can do is study real well. I still think you have the same problem if you switch schools.
The other school will have all of the activities you are currently involved with, and since you seem like someone who gets involved with clubs and such, you should do fine. One concern is that you will find the same type of people attend both schools and you might regret your decision.
I would go at least one more year. You were a freshman last year, so that means everyone in your grade was just trying to be cool so the upper class men would like them. So thats probably the main reason it just was not a good year for you. Believe me, it gets better! Stick it out one more year, and if you don't like it switch schools. I am sure since you are going to be involved in many things this year, you will meet a lot of nice cool people to be around!

Hope this helps!
Well, your problem happens to any other kids. What you need to do is: (1) try to get along with your friends. By doing so, you will know them. How can you judge they are good or bad if you don't know them? (2) Don't think that you are the best student there. Everybody has their own talent. (3) Face your problems. If you avoid problems then the problems will be after you wherever you go. There is no place to hide from problems. And remember, when you give give love, it's love you'll find. OK?

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