Apparently, video games are to blame for kids not self competent to read and write properly today?

So I guess that means that a failing schooling system, overcrowded classrooms and bad parenting enjoy nothing to do next to it then?

Answers:    Yeah - it's true... a moment ago like they adjectives turn up carrying huge guns, or wearing full plate mail armour or pretend to be a small Italian guy surrounded by dungarees..

Yeesh. it's almost like they want to blame everyone or everything except what the actual problem is.

Oh, and the problem? Lack of respect inwardly society, but don't get me started on that
if they don't guide children to "read or write" where are the parents and why are they too inactive to assist them in their study?
the parents also need to stop their kids from spending so much time surrounded by front of the telly.
but on thee other hand cpu games are apt for hand-eye coordination :)
Everybody wants to blame everything else. It can't be the parents it's a moment ago the video games. I completely disagree with allowing children to play video games consent to alone children that can't even read yet. It's so much easier for the parent to throw the kid surrounded by front of the video games for hours as appose to actually law them something. I don't understand why parents guess that teachers are suppose to train their kids everything.

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