Answers for NVQ2 in Care?

Question:if anyone have answers for NVQ2 in Care, particularly induction standard 6 - Develop as a worker
induction standard 1 - Understand the principles of care
HSC 218 - support individuals with their personal care needs
HSC22 - support the health and safety of yourself and individuals

I do my work well, I just do not have time for the theory and writing. can anyone help please?

Can't you just write a witness statement and get your line manager to sign it off? Basically you need evidence to prove you know how to meet the criteria. Write about how you achieve the three criteria. Are you work based learing? Could you get a patient to write a witness statement for you? Could you write a short essay on how you do these things?
I have done my nvq 2 and 3 in care and from doing so am now a student nurse...

All you need to do is write a reflective piece on these different topics for example getting someone up in a morning starting from knocking on their door before you go in talking to them giving them choices in everything you are doing, trying to make them do things for themselves rather than you just doing it for them etc etc it's easy really once you put your mind to it. E-mail me if ya need more help. Good luck
It's not theory!!
What you need to do is to write the answers to these questions as if you are describing your daily job to someone who has absolutely no knowledge of the concept of social care.
That way not only can you say "I do my work well" but you can prove it too!
NVQs are SOLELY what you ACTUALLY do at work.

Just write down what you do in each of this situations, and get a witten statement from one of your colleagues or your manager saying that they have seen or heard you doing those things.

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