A little cheer pleaseeeeee ! I am really bored now .?

Question:My learning is getting really really boring now .I am 16 and I am srtating to hate learning although I am not a dumb student ! I am not a bad student...sometimes I am the best but I still hate learning...please help me out ! I really hate learning now,please advise me and give me some cheer...

All I can offer you is that you will never stop learning for the rest of your life. Unless you make a conscious effort to not learn. I guess being 16 you think you know all you need to know. I thought I did when I was 16. The trouble is you have no concept of what life experiences will do for your ability to cope with the ups and downs in life. Having life experiences to draw from in any situation, not only helps you develop your B.S. filter, but gives you a distinct advantage over those who choose to "not learn" during their lives.
Those who do not learn from their past are doomed to repeat it.
Buy yourself a new helmet and consider every ride on the short bus a blessing.
when u learn, u do good in school, when u have good grades and diplomas and stuff, u can get a good job, buy whatever u want, and get some hot girls..
hard work leads to success...
so if you study hard, there's a big possibility that you'd become successful in the future...:-D

i hope that helps...
Everybody feels like this at some time or another. You're still young, you have the energy! Spare a thought for my daughter who is a final year law student. Don't you think that deserves a cheer? :)
um... try to think about a sexy teacher... or student in that class and "get" help from them so... just an idea! lol!

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