A question for nurses and midwives?

Question:Do you like your job?why ? would you recommend it to others?

I practiced as a nurse before doing midwifery. I hated nursing, It depressed me how ungrateful many people were for their care, how the elderly are neglected, how many people are coming from abroad to abuse the NHS, how many nurses and doctors were physically attacked or sworn at, how the shift patterns were unfair and I often had to work over time without being paid for it. How there are so many staff shortages yet they are still cutting back on nurse and midwife recruitment. You can forget about having a social life thats for sure. Then I trained as a midwife and guess what people are still abusing the system and are rude and ungrateful. Its really sad. A lot of my collegues have left or are considering doing so - me included, the crappy pay is just not worth all the abuse. There are aspects of the job I enjoy but the negatives far outweigh the positives Im afraid to say. If you are thinking of training as a nurse or midwife I would say unless you are a true saint, dont waste your time or energy.
There's a job in the health service for you... mine.
No. Nursing sucks!! Dont go there!

The Nursing profession has steadily changed - for the worse!

Much better to go study law or human resources or management cos seems theres always a slot for another manager or two, (although just what their managing is anybody's guess!!).

The contact with people and the whole helping, healing, doing good stuff is very rewarding but the internal politics (aka BS!), remuneration and simple acknowledgement/ appreciation just p*ss you off.
I love my job there is nothing like it in the world. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I love it yet there are as many downs as there is up and it is bloody hard work and the rewards are few but that doesnt change things for me.

Nursing Rocks !!
I work in the NHS as a community nurse and love it
I would not like to be working in a hospital inviroment as like to be out and about. You get to know people much better in there own homes
I'm a paediatric nurse and I love my job. I worked for the NHS for 6 years and although the job itself was very rewarding, the system was so demoralising and I felt incredibly undervalued and overworked. I now work for a children's hospice (out of the NHS) and I love it . Nursing isnt for everyone, but if it suits you its a good career. I know it sounds cheesy, but its very satisfying to have a job that really makes a difference.
Hand on heart, I cant recommentd working in the NHS, but things may change, and someones got to do it!
Hope you make the right decision x
Morale has really changed. With wards closing and people having to be deployed morale is at an all time low. I enjoy the nursing care as long as there's the right equipment for manual handling and you're not too rushed for time that you can't talk to your patients which hey does often happen but there are good sides to nursing. I think it takes a long time to find where you actually wanna be tho.

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