Am I going overboard with the school schedule?

Question:Around late April and early May, I had asked my counselor to give me two science classes, honors bio 2 and honors chemistry ( I am a sophomore by the way) anyways, well I promised to get an A in science the next cardmarking and she agreed she will consider it if i get an A. But then 2 weeks later after my request she tells me even though she thinks its too much and didn't want to give me the two science classes, she did it anyway. But she said she gave it to me for next year because i was a freshman at this time before seeing my report card. But I was happy she considered it. I called her now 2 weeks ago to tell her i got an A in science and to inform her that her decison was correct, but when i did tell her all she did was congradulate me and tell me I'm doing a good job, i said Good-bye and hungup. Do you think she still added the science classes? Am i going overboard?

you probably should've told her o the phone about getting the science classes...try calling her back and asking for the classes you want...she probably didn't remember why you even told her about your grade or the deal you guys made.about going overboard, I would just take one science class at a time...try focusing the honors on different subjects and spread everything 1 honors science, 1 honors english, and 1 honors math or history...try not to over-do it. Good Luck!

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