Aren't uniforms wonderful?

Question:list the reasons why uniforms are the best

no worries abt what to wear
its cheaper than jeans etc
no fashion worries
no dirty worries
no clean worries
everything same
isnt it great
the american kids r not getting it right!??
Uniforms are great, when appropriate.
Uniforms provide fast and easy recognition.
They can be useful and functional as well.
They are (generally) easy to maintain.
They take the guess work out of what to wear.

Uniforms can also be amazingly appealing to the eye: some, like the dress blue uniforms of the U.S.M.C. are simply dashing.
But, there is also something to be said for the individual expression of individual dress.

The word "Uniform" to me means consistent, stability and "always the same"
Uniform (s)...

To me, it means united, strong, supportive, belonging and a sense of family.


Those that people wear, to identify themselves as a group...represents the above following...

In School, that makes one school different from the next because of the different colours, even one glance by the untrained eye and it is instantly identified without a word of speech.

In work, that's quite the same, but not as much bonding...

In war, we live and die by our matter who wears it, we treat them as one of us as long as his heart is in the colours...

a quote to share:
"Alone, you can be broken easily by anyone. Together and of one mind, like bound arrow-shafts, none can easily vanquish you"

One arrow can be broken easily,
Bunch them together as one and it is not easily to break them.

That is the power of Uniforms,
Just a piece of cloth,
Worn by one, a piece of white among the rainbow is but a lone person.

Worn by many, the white drowns the other scattered rainbows which are not focused...

Just like life...
Just like business...

A person alone can only do that much,
A company of people , if mixed effectively, can do n^ the power of the number together.

What is a company ? What is behind a brand name? What is behind a logo ?

It is but the concept of uniforms...
The person can wear a uniform in their heart and defend the pride behind the uniform he/she believes in.

The piece of cloth...means something...
sometimes to some people,
it means everything...
it gives meaning to their lives...
once they chose it,
they don't choose the meaning,
the meaning chooses them because it existed with the thoughts of another person...

Uniforms are the best if those who wear it believe in it,
Wonderful they are,
It makes things happen :)
doesn't it ?

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