I have a 3 yr old boy who is not potty trained does anyone have any ideas or tips? Gladly appriecated.?

well my son was 3 months shy of turning 4...i thought he would never get potty trained...but basically his teachers and I came to the conclusion that he was just afraid to try (it was obviously he wsa physically ready as he could go all night every night without wetting his diaper) and being in daycare i think it was harder but anyway we decided that we were going to just have a say goodbye to diapers day for him and i would take a few days off work and stay home with him and get him going on it. However, being teh stubborn boy that he was/is, he woke up one day about a week before we were going to do it...hadnt even told him what we were planning and he announced to me that he would no longer be wearing diapers! He had never even pee'd in the potty.i didntknow what to do but go along with it...so i packed probably 10 pairs of underwear for daycare and sent him on his way. What he did was hold it all day...still didnt want to go at daycare.so we got to the weekend so then i was home with him and i had gone to toy store and bought all these small toys (like you would get in birthday party goody bags) and some candy and stuff and threw it all in a basket and told him every time he pee'd in the potty he got to pick out a toy. and just sitting on the potty didnt count..he had to actually go. Then i loaded him up with fluids!Boy did it work like a charm. It took one day! So for first few days i always let him pick a prize but after that i didnt bring itup unless he asked. Once the toys were gone that was it but by then i think he was just so happy that he did it! then teh next weekend we tackled the pooping in the potty cuz that still wasnt happening to much.and you know that can get crazy with getting constipated. So i got bigger prizes for that and did same thing. That of course took a little longer but overall it was still successful. I think though if i remember correctly he did relapse a few times on the pooping in his pants...ugh...but overall it was successful! ok so that is what worked for us. Alot of it for me was just letting go of when he did it...his pediatrician was never worried (but man daycares can be brutal wiht all that!) so dr. told me to chill as he didnt iknow of any 5 year olds still in diapers in kindergarten! Good luck with it all!
Have you tried putting cheerios in the toilet and having him aim at them for fun? Also giving him one m and m everytime he goes in the toilet might work too.
According to doctors it is not abnormal for a boy to be four and just learning. Tey say if at age five, he is still having problems then they may need to do test.

This came from a friend of mine who has seven brothers. She told me this story when I was trying to potty train my son. She said her mother trained all of he brothers with a coffee can. They loved the sound it made when they peed in it. After a while the can was sat down inside the potty chair (instead of the little bowl they come with). Then the can was taken away and repaced with the correct bowl. then they moved up to the big potty. I'm not so sure about what she did when they had to go #2.
I am an advocate of the potty training in a day method that was developed by some well known psychologists in the 60's and 70's and was made popular by Dr. Phil more recently. It takes some preparation and some commitment for a week or so (even though it says a day). I have seen it work in a day or two, but you need to be consistent for a few weeks to get real good reliability.
after you rule out any medical conditions try just putting him in underwear and taking him to the bathroom every 20 minutes until he slowly starts going on his own. This takes a lot of work but you have to be consistent. If he cant "go" or wets himself even after going consistently he may just not be physically ready as he doesn't have the awareness of being wet. This is hard but it's how my son was trained at 3years1month. After literally taking him consistently he was good to go after a week. He still wears a pull-up at night because he cant hold it in all night and he's 4 years old
take him every few hours to the restroom then he will get used to it.just like training a puppy
The prereqisites for begining potty training are: stage one- the child must be able to realize when he has gone, stage 2- the child is aware when he is going (pauses in play, makes sounds, facial expressions) and stage 3- the child is aware they are about to have a bowel movement( is able to tell you ahead of time. if he has gone through all this, the next step is consistancy. Bring them to the bathroom at regular times and stay with them...sing to them, read a story for a set amount of time. Offer incentives like a sticker chart or something everytime they go. or simply take away the diapers and have lots of changes of clothes ready, just say it is time to say good bye to diapers and wear underwear. If there is no medical reason or developmental delays, the child should be able to be trained, just remember to be consistant with whatever you do and dont stress about it. the child needs to feel comfortable with this process and show readiness to want to use the bathroom.

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