If you were paying for a preschool at a church-wouldn't you expect...?

Question:some religion to be taught? I have enrolled my son in preschool and he starts in 2 wks. There is no religion being taught, no prayers, they will tell the story of Easter, Christmas and sing the occasional Jesus Loves Me.
Im disappointed. I just learned this after going to the Open House last night. I looked into the preschool before but never really go the whole story till last night but I expected more-would you? another preschool we looked at say a morning prayer, a dismissal prayer and have a short bible story or devotional daily. (they are now full!!)

I ran into this when my daughter was in pre-school as well. I think that if it the pre-school is at a church it should have some religious aspects taught whether it is a simple prayer before meals, bible stories, and such. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the times that we live in, a lot of people looking for pre-school don't want that type of activity for their children so the churches are giving in and giving them what they want leaving the families who want the Christian aspects taught to their children out of the loop. I would seriously talk to the pastor of the church and get his opinion on this, and definitely give him yours back. If you're not satisfied with this school, I would continue looking and possibly getting on a waiting list if you need to so you can get the type of schooling you're looking for. Check into a Christian school as well. Some of them do have pre-school and they definitely teach Christianity.
The pre-school may or may not admit other kids of other faiths/no faith at all. Therefore they may reluctantly do the Bible stuff.

Now, I am like you, I want my child to hear the gospel and sing the songs and pray at any time of the day or night.

But ultimately YOU and the child's DAD are the ones to present the truths of the Bible to your child.

Why is the kid in preschool anyway? Kindergarten is the place to start. A couple of hours a day for a preschool will be social interaction enough for a 3 or 4 year old.

So do not worry about the 'religion' part of the day, make sure that YOU do the job of raising the child as a believer would, with prayer, Bible reading and spiritual food at every turn. The foundation that you have laid will be needed at the K level, unless you will send him/her to a Christian private school.

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