How would you describe the "quality" of a preschool friendship?

Question:I have to describe my first friendship, which was in preschool one question I have to answer is to describe the quality of the relationship. Any suggestions?

The quality would probably best be described as social or even fleeting. It's based after one thing... needs.

You need social interaction at that age, and the way to do that in a preschool setting is through play. Most of the time the friendship, even though you are in the same classroom seeing each other every day is fleeting and is based on needs.

You might be that child's best friend one day and the next day neither of you are interacting with each other, because the need is not there.

The next day your best friend might be in a mood to share a stuffed toy and you're the first person they go too. Later they might totally ignore you, because they are enamored with another child.

This is the way children grow emotionally.
"Fleeting" was the first word that came to my mind. I worked daycare with preschoolers while putting myself through university, and got to observe a whale of a lot of preschool friendships. Yeah, I'd say "transitory" or "fleeting" would be good descriptions.

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