Opening up a in home daycare center?

Question:I am looking for a cute unique name the ages range from newborn till about 12 years old please nothing nasty only names that are useable I live in florida if that helps

I always wanted to open my own centre and call it Young at Heart. I always thought that was the quality I possessed that made me a success when working with children.
I applaud your decision to open it to newborns through 12 years old. Family grouping (all age ranges together) in home child care is quite popular where I live. Parents like the idea that all their children can attend the same child care, have the same teacher etc. This also allows you to deal with less families if the majority of the children are all siblings. Less cheques to track down, less pick ups, drop offs.
Best of luck.
I do not think it is wise to be babysitting children from different parents with such a large age differance. U do not know what the older kids can do to the younger kids because they are not ur own so u do not know their behavior. U should pick a more specific age group and then look for names.
Sunny Days Daycare
(Its Florida plus a little Sesame Street mixed in you cant go wrong)
Your slogin can be "Where the sun shines on your child everyday"
How about "Wee Grow N' Play"?

That signifies that the care center grows with the children and that it's fun.

I also agreee with another poster that the age range is a positive thing.

Grouping children of all ages and ranges helps to prepare them for the outside world.

Here's an article online about the mixed age grouping that specifically mentions in-home daycare centers (as well as schools) and the benefits of this type of grouping, if you're interested:

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