Parents and teachers, pls help me solve this?

Question:question 1: why are teacher-parent relationships so important?
question 2 : how can we involve parents in the life of the school?

I need 10 factors for each question. pls help!

Teacher parent relationships are important because:

1. You're around their kid all day, so you get to know the kid as well as the parent does or better.

2. A parent needs to trust you.

3. You need to learn what kind of parent they much they care

4. Be able to observe how they act around the kids, and away from them to pick up on anything unusual

5. A parent needs to feel confident about their opinion of you so they know if their kid is lying or exaggerating about you.

6. Visa versa ^

7.They need to feel comfortable with your discipline procedures.

8. So you both can feel you can talk to each other freely about their kids.

9. So you learn/know how to handle the parent (close-minded, strict, defensive kind of person)

10.So the kid feels like you have a connection with their parent and are less likely to misbehave.

How can you involve a parent in the life of school?

1. Parent nights

2. Parent days (career day or activity)

3. Parent teacher conferences

4. Phone calls

5. Emails

6. Give the class an assignment that involves parent interaction.

7. Class plays

8. Chaperons for fun learning activities days

9. Parents invited when public speakers come

I'm out of ideas..sorry..

Good Luck!
If I know what my son is doing at school I can look for ways to reinforce that at home.

If the teacher has a relationship with the parent they can go to the parent when the kid has behavior problems. THe parent will trust the teacher and be less defensive.

The parent can help with enforcing classroom discipline.

The teacher can understand problems at home that may interfere with school work or concentration

Parents can help by volunteering - even if they work they can take things home to help the teacher (compile books at home, cut things out etc)

Parents can teach a special skill to the class- if they are an expert at something.

Parents can help with parties, pta, carnivals etc
Please do your own homework.
teacher- parent relationships are sooo important because teachers are the ones with your children for a good portion of the day, they see all the things you don't , they can tell u what is going on with your children. How they are getting along with other kids, how well they listen and pay attention and so on. I think that we can invole parents by sending home a weekly news letter or email to let them know whats going on in class, what they are learning, where they should be at.
its not 10 factors but it should help
answer to question 1: The reason why parent/teacher relatonships are so important is that both parent/teacher can help one other with the progress is one's child's education and compare how to make the child learn better.

answer to question 2: Have them either volunteer in the class/school or see if they are willing to join the PTA.
1)At a young age parents need to know what and how their child is doing. If a child is acting up due to what is going on at home. Then only a parent can answer that. Plus there are parents who need help parenting. And a teacher can offer that help.

2)Have them bring a healthy snack into class. Invite them to volunteer in a class for a day. Have them go on Field trips with the class. Have parent help with any event sthat your school has.
question 1: why are teacher-parent relationships so important?

1. It lets the children know that school is important
2. A parent is a child's first teacher, so therefore, the parent should be involved in what the children are learning, to further instill that at home.
3. If there is no communication between the two, it makes it hard for the teacher to tailor learning to the child and for the parent to tailor home activities to what is learned in school.
4. Failure to communicate could lead to misunderstandings on both ends.
5. Having a bond with the child's teacher can help a parent feel more secure in knowing that their child is in good hands.
6. When a problem arises on either end, it helps to be familiar with the other person and problems can be solved much more efficiently.
7. If the parent does not introduce him/herself to the teacher ever, the teacher may feel something is wrong at home.
8. Same goes for if the teacher does not want to meet the parent
9. When there are parent-teacher conferences, you won't each be faced with a stranger and will feel more comfortable opening up about all areas that need to be covered.
10. A child who sees his or her parent/s getting along with a teacher is much more likely to, in turn, respect the teacher because the parents do. Parents have a stronger influence than they sometimes think.

question 2 : how can we involve parents in the life of the school?
1. send home letters to make them aware of different policies and what they can do to keep those policies implemented.
2. Hold PTA meetings often and when letters are sent home about them, be sure parents know what will be addressed at the meetings to increase their interest.
3. Have regular family events at the school (making some fun and some involving learning)
4. allow parents to observe the class in action (upon prior approval, of course, for safety) from time to time
5. send home newsletters that outline assignments done in class, so parents know what's going on and can take steps to enhance those skills at home
6. allow parents to volunteer to help with the class when there are no paras available
7. hold "seminars" that let the parents know what is going on in the school
8. allow parents to attend field days and other activities that some schools often exclude parents from
9. Hold PTA meetings at parents' houses (rotate), so that parents and teachers get to know each other better
10. Communicate with parents daily through a small note in the homework folder. If everything was fine or nothing needs to be said, simply put a smiley face to let the parents know you still thought of them.
question 1: Teacher parent relationships are important because :
1) To let the parent know where the child is developmentally.
2)To help the parent set up developmentally appropriate goals at home and school.
3)To get to know the child better from the parents point of view.
4) To be consistent with setting appropriate limits at home and school.
5)To educate the parent in age appropriate ativities at home 6) To support the parent in guiding the child using age appropriate positive discipline.
7)To introduce the curriculum used in the school setting.
8) To help the parent find resourses such as in any area of need for example health, social services, mental helth, speach, parenting classes etc...
9)To get the parent involved in the childs education early in life
10)To serve as a modle when it comes to setting up activites and using appropriate guides of speech.
question #2 How can we involve parents in the life of the school.
1)Set up a parent volunteer calendar and encourage the parents to sign up.
2)If the parents work all week encourage them to take home some cut outs or to bring in usable junk like boxes etc...
3)Send home a reading log where the parents can jot down the books they reed every night (set an appropropriate goal)
4)Sed home a pack pack or activity box containing markers and paper and ecourage parents to sit down with the child while they draw. Have parents encourage the children to talk about their drawing and parents can write down what child says.
5) Send a letter home inviting a parent to come in the class and in the begining of school or end of day to read a book to the children.
6) invite parents to come in and share something that they are good at like playing a musical instrument or cooking etc...
7)Have a career where parents come in and talk about what their job is. And then set up a doctors office or where ever it is the parent works.
8)Have a fall festival and set up activities out side and encourage parents to volunteer in an activity (eg. face paninting etc..)
9) encourage the parents to plant a garden with the children at school .
10)encourage the parents to build a rocket spaceship wwith childrent at school.

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