What would you do to help a child who has feeding problems?

Question:I need to make up to a few hundred words so pls provide me with a many points/examples.

are you sure your child does not have a form of autism. There are many levels of it and 1 thing with autism is texture problems which makes hard for feeding.
Fr example my son will eat chicken and once in a blue moon hamburger or sausage. For the textures of them bother him
what to you mean by feeding problems? like they won't eat, they don't have the food to eat, they eat too much? a kid or a baby?
first of all, do your own homework!

and if you would like to elaborate that would help. What age child? Is it a physical deformity? Psychological problem? Illness?
Be patient, allow time for longer feedings
Enlist the help of an occupational therapist (with parents permission) for tips and strategies
Monitor feedings closely (keep track of oz's of formula, or amount of food the child did eat) to be certain the child is well nourished
Limit the number of people feeding the child in a child care situation
Limit the number of distractions when bottle feeding an infant (loud noises, bright lights, movement)
I had this problem, I just start letting my child feed herself. If letting the child feed him/herself doesn't work, allow for shorter feeding times. If 25 min. has past and the food is still on the plate, just store it for later. Try pediasure or vitamin supplements to make of for nutrients lost. Also try gerber finger foods, allow the child to snack between meals if you feel he/she didn't eat enough.
If you mean a child and not a baby, I would suggest making eating fun and also letting the child have a say in some of the items that go into the grocery cart.

Here's something that will help if it's a toddler, which is what I am guessing you mean:

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