Hi i am not good at interpreting an observation. how should i go about to interpret an observation?

Question:especially to do with the skills that they are learning

If you're in an education or human growth class, this is important, but it gets better with time. Quit thinking about whether they're behaving well or acting mature or whether you think the teacher is doing a good job.

Look at one child. Is the child moving, talking, using materials of some kind? Think about how a younger child would move, talk, use that stuff. Example, if this kid wants a toy another kid has. A baby or toddler would just yank it away. An older kid might ask for it or "bribe" the holding kid with another toy. A really patient kid will wait until the holding kid isn't looking and sneak it away. Another example, a girl is holding a crayon and drawing a picture. Is she talking to herself about what she's doing? That's a way of "mediating" her instructions or ideas and her actions. This is typical at all ages (after a certain point) as we try something new.

If you need more help, get someone who's good at this to go with you to a mall, doctor's office, etc. and explain what s/he notices and what conclusions s/he is making from that. I once told my class about being at IHOP and listening to a toddler knock on a plate, high chair and table with its spoon. What I noticed was that the child was testing out different materials according to how they sounded.
if ur talking about how a teacher looks at something with a child that they find odd and then tells u, the parent,..i would go back to the teacher and ask for a furture explanation and a suggestion for how to fix the problem.
im cant realy fully undrstand ur q.

is it drawing conclusions for an experiment?

sory i cant help u w/ this..

try elaborating ur q....<"p>

...hope u get answers soon...

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