What do you pack for pre-k kids first day of school?

Question:My little girl is starting school and I would like to know what other mothers packed for their kids on the first day of school?

back pack change of clothes a folder kleenex, and the teacher should let you know if there is anything else
A very basic change of clothes(Pants), a light snack, a bottle of water.
The teacher or school should have sent you a letter stating what was required... but here are some supplies and other needs; Crayons, Kleenex's, antibacterial hand wash, an extra change of cloth(including under ware) you never know what might happen or what they accidentally get into, if they have nap time, there favorite blankey(a small one of course), or a favorite stuffed animal, that they love, or sleep with, its makes them feel more relaxed, thats about it, because the school should provide for every thing else, and they are too young for glue or scissors, and wont need paper, right now, they mostly are playing and interaction with other kids right now anyway, and what they are being taught is mostly verbal. Hope this helps, and I hope your daughter has a good first day!
Well since its pre-k you dont really need school supplies...a pretty pink character backpack, mabe a folder and colorful pencils, crayons and of course a lunch.sandwich, gummy bears, juice, and an apple
Being a pre-k teacher, I usually request that parents send a change of clothing, a crib sheet, and towel or blanket. We provide snacks so that is not needed. If the child has a favorite teddy, I would suggest sending it with the child, it will give them something they know to help them get through the first day away from mom.

I would check with the teach to see if she needs you to send anything else, but most likely that will get her through the first day. Hope this helps.
whatevers on the list
Alot of Kleenex *S*
Unless the school stated, probably nothing. If you would feel better maybe a change of clothes in case she has a accident.
At my center children are required to bring sunscreen, a hat, indoor/outdoor shoes, stuffy or blanket if they will be napping during sleep time and a change of clothes underwear.
Put some pictures of her family in!
i always pack my three year olds lunch based on this schedule:

monday-pb&j with a juice box
tuesday-crackers and little ham slices or cheese to put on top of it. and a juicebox
wed.-just a plain old turkey sandwitch with a juice box
thursday-i allow my child to have a lunchables this day.
friday-a pear and some yogurt. also crackers and juice.

my child loves this schedule!
The school should give you a list. Here's what my son's preschool asked for.

1-A ziploc bag containing a full change of clothes. Include a pair of pants, a shirt, underwear, and socks.

2-A nutritious lunch (unless you're buying one from the school). I packed for my son 1 peanut butter sandwich, 20 teddy graham crackers, 20 grapes, and 1 juice box.

They have a drinking fountain in class so i didn't pack water. Also, they provide a mid-morning snack so I only had to pack lunch.

No backpack was needed.

My son is only 3 years old though so it's preschool, not pre-k for him. Not sure if the 4 year olds will require more. Also, my son only goes 1/2 day so there's no nap.
Being a preschool teacher, I can tell you that a whole lot is not required. Most centers will tell you what you need. However, if they do not, generally a pre-k child only needs a full change of clothes (shirt, pants/shorts, underwear, socks) and a blanket if they nap. Hopefully your child is in a program that is credible enough to supply them with breakfast, lunch, and at least one snack (depending on the hours your child will attend), meaning sending them with food would not be necessary. If it is a GOOD center, they will already have all of the minor utensils for your child to explore and have a great time (i.e. crayons, paper, paint, glue, toys, etc.). By health & safety standards, most centers should already be stocked with tissues and other necessities.

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