Please help having trouble with my 4yr olds wiping after pooing and shes going to school in a week!(read on)?

Question:I know its quite a humorous yucky question but I am serious...when she does a dirty she finds it really difficult to wipe fully clean and ends up with poop allover...
Any tips
shes going to school in a week and ive tried telling her to keep wiping until she sees no more on the loo roll but she manages to get it all up her back!!

Poor wee soul, I'm glad I don't have a bottom to clean yuk! With the exception of giving her a hose to wash herself down with, I'd go for those wipes that the good folk have suggested.

Send her my love,and all the best for her big day at school.

Nessie the wee Monster fae Loch Ness xxxx
buy some kandoo wipes and hand wash for her,,you can buy pocket wipes which can fit in her school bag as well.
been there,done that and got the t-shirt 5 times over...good luck xxx
tough one. try and emphasise starting from front to back in one motion. a reward system for doing it correctly will help motivate her to do it right. you may find that she has dirty undies until she can get it right but that is what happens. I'm sure other kids find that problem too.
Buy her a small pack of the kiddys wet wipes and some of the bags they use (smell nice) to put them into after use, so she doesn't block the loos.
Try Kandoo wet wipes made specifically for this purpose.They are clean hygienic and more easier to use than paper.
Good luck!!
I work in a day nursery and this is really common. I'm sure if you mention it to the teacher that someone in school will help her out. I know it is not the policy of some schools to do it but it won't hurt to ask. Another thing might be that she doesn't do it because she knows you will. We have children in the nursery who's parents worry about the same thing but when they are with us they manage perfectly well. Children can be quite cunning at times.
Don't worry, the teachers will help.
Don't worry this is quite a common problem. All children do this at the beginning. Your child is still learning. If you are worried then let the teacher know. It will work out in the end
could be her diet!
Try not to worry as this will make her worry too.
Most kids don't need to poop at school on a regular basis, so it will not be a massive issue.
Keep on coaching her, and she will get there, if you are worried, have a discreet word to her teacher and explain, they will make sure someone will make sure she doesn't get in a mess.
Hope this helps!
The Kandoo wipes (or even baby wipes) are a good idea. However, please do not panic. This is completely normal for children her age. I promise, even on days when she doesn't do the best of jobs, your child's teacher will not freak out - believe me - this problem is quite typical of 4 (and even 5) year olds.
Good luck!

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