Early Childhood Education Career: does it pay well?

Question:If you only have a certificate in it and not an MA.

Doesn't pay well in the financial area, but it has tremendous rewards in terms of self-satisfaction. You're better off with a degree. Bachelors is best, Masters even better, but it still doesn't pay a lot.
I think it depends on where you work. If you start your own preschool you would likely make more money. I am planning to go to school this year for ECE but my plan is to work in a public school with special needs kids through 1st grade or hopefully by the time I finish our public pre-k will be in place. Our state is going to be requiring public pre-k in the future. I have already spoken to our local schools principal and he also told me with an associates degree I could also be hired on as an Ed tech for any grade. So you may want to consider getting your associates degree in it .
If you are going into the teaching field to make a great deal of money, you are in the wrong business. Sadly, teachers and child care workers are the most under paid people in the work force.
If you have a BA and are ECE certified you should be paid at least $13 hr, more in some states
Also depends on the quality of center, elite private schools and well funded programs will pay aound $15 up to $ 17 per hour
So you should be paid decently in Cali. with your degrees, the more experience you have the better
Head Start and NAEYC accredited centers pay the best
You do not need a Masters to be an administrator, all you need is experience> most places need directors to at least have a BA plus experience
Garbage collectors and zoo employees make more. Nobody does it for the money.
Yes, your BA and ECE cert. will help you get higher pay. What type of position are you looking for? If you want to be a teacher then no, the pay is crap... But if you want to get into ECE Admin then you would get paid more. Head Start is a great place if you want to get into Admin.
no it does not pay well. however people dont get into this field for the money. it is very rwewarding and I LOVE using my creative abilities in the classroom but hate the miserable paycheck. If I didn't have a husband with a great job I would not be in this profession because I simply could not afford it

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