How do I teach ENGLISH as a second language in preschool?

Question:please ideas, or songs or material.

You don't "teach" it, you use it. Start with songs with lots of hand motions. Do whatever you would do in any preschool. Ask questions, name things. Count the kids when you take attendance. Don't force the kids or make them uncomfortable.You'd be surprised how easily little kids pick up another language.
*grumble* You are yet another example...
Native speakers of English are not automatically over-qualified for an ESL position. Not a native speaker? Even more reason why you need the education to back up your teaching! If you had an education and training in ESL methods, you wouldn't be in this pickle.

In the meantime, try
speak it like everyday?!
Oh it's really hard...I've been doing that for 4 months and still i can't find the best way to do it.But one thing that I know that my student enjoy learning when your putting games on it...not actually to play but to add a little spices to their learning....
I already answered your question (idiomas)and I gave you some tips that will help you, good luck and patience...

another link for you:
just like any other language is taught.start slow and move up to where you speak only that language for one or two days per week( just like when my children and i learned to speak Spanish).most likely start with things like colors, days of the week, months of the year and items in the classroom...(table, chair, teacher) and say the name in your native tounge and then in English and then next time have the children say it with you and then next time ask the children to repeat the English version and then move on to more complicated statements. .maybe a good idea is to start with a program of your own like rosetta stone or some other program to learn the language yourself, before you began teaching the children...

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