Preschool environmental craft ideas!?

Question:I am a daycare teacher, and was looking for any fun (and EASY) craft ideas for our current section. The theme is "outside my window", and we are learning about recycling, the environment, the world... things of that nature. So far we have done a globe, collages of earthy colors, and a little foil garbage can. These are 3 year olds, so it has to be relatively easy. Any cute craft ideas?? I would love to hear them!

get pine cones and put string on them roll them in peanut butter then roll them in bird seed to make a bird feeder
In the yahoo search bar type in art and craft for kids.
get a hard piece of paper cut out a butterfly with a cute face and punch a hole at the top attach fishing line. Let them glue foil paper in great colors to it.
Get white paper and go outside and let each child choose a large leaf then they can make rubbings , then color there leaf or draw a tree on a larger paper and they can each rub there own leaf to the tree talk over how we all contribute to the enviorment they or u can add there name makes a great fall door decor.
Go on a nature hike and let kids collect leaves, sticks, small rocks in paper bags and then go back and glue them on paper plates. You can ask them about what they saw and write it on the plates for them as a graphic sort of essay.
Also there a bunch of crafts on bugs, spiders, ants, caterpillars if you want to explore that part of nature. You can also study seasons for the outdoors.
Another fun thing to do is to grow small plants either using cotton and plastic bags taped to the window or small Dixie cups with dirt and watch the plants grow every day and then let them take the plants home or of course you could plant flowers or a garden outside.
1.Put a circle of masking tape, sticky side out, around each child's waist. Go for a nature walk and let them pick up interesting things like leaves and stick them to the tape. When you get back to the room discuss what they found and glue all the strips to a big piece of paper for a mural.(You can do this a bracelets if you want them smaller.)

2. Go for a nature walk and gather interesting plants and leaves. Tape pieces of clear contac paper to the table, sticky side out. Let them stick their discoveries to the contac, cover it with another piece and hang them in the window.

3. If you mix liquid soap with tempera paint you can let them paint what they see from the window on the window.

There's a great book by Maryanne Kohl called "Science Arts" that has lots of great developmentally appropriate ideas.

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