How much do preschool teachers get paid a year on average (particularly in hawaii)?

Question:i had a teacher in high school who said that it's minimum. i'm hoping that it's not true.

She was close
If you have no experience some lower quality preschools start at minimum wage
With some education and/or experience, 3 or 4 dollars above minimum wage
with cda or aa @ least $10/hr, probably more in good quality centers
Exception to the rule are some private and elite centers or public and well-funded that require teachers to have cdas or aas or bas
They start around $13 and up
(in Hawaii add a dollar or two, because cost of living is higher, wages are a bit higher)
I don't know about Hawaii, but in L.A. preschool teachers for the headstart program (state program) get paid $12.00-$15.00 / hr. Private schools are much lesser.

Your high school teacher is right. :(
I've been a pre-school teacher in FL for nearly 8 years. I teach 3s and some 4s. My wage is $8 per hour although I have the benefit of my 3 year old being there for no charge, which saves me about $7,000 per year.

I enjoy working with children, but once my youngest is in elementary school I don't think that I can continue financially.
If you want to make money with being a preschool teacher you need to open a home childcare facility.

You may not make a lot of money as a preschool teacher, but there will be a lot of love.
I have been a preschool teacher in California for about 4 years. I have worked in a private center where I only made minimum wage (due to low funding) and for the past 2 years have worked at a college owned child development center where I now make about $13/per hour as an associate teacher (this center is NAEYC accredited). The hourly rate can vary depending greatly upon the funding of the center. My suggestion would be to research different centers in your area and go for the one that is accredited and more highly funded, their pay is usually the best.

Here is a link to a U.S. average payscale for preschool teachers:

Here is a link to the NAEYC website where you can search for an accredited center:

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